June 23, 2017

The Legend of the Big City

Recently, the construction site of one of the residential complexes in Almaty along Abaya Avenue, the corner of Manasa Street, was crowded. These people were not builders, but future residents, who came to the presentation of LEGENDA Special Residential Quarter constructed by BAZIS-A Corporation.

Why is this quarter named special? “Special” means different from what is represented in the real estate market of Southern capital, spectacular, impressive, - says Pavel Belovich, Chairman of Board of BAZIS-A Corporation. - In the geographical center of Almaty and legendary place for every Almaty citizen, surrounded by iconic sights, I did not want to create something trivial, usual, something that already happened. This is how the idea of a special quarter was brought to life.”

Indeed, the location of LEGENDA allows the creation of a new center of everybody’s attraction in the future. Literally, in five minutes, there is everything needed for life - several schools and kindergartens, entertainment park and circus, Sports Palace and swimming pools, shopping and entertainment complexes and theaters. You can easily and quickly reach any part of the city by a personal and public transport along Abaya Avenue and crossing streets, as well as by the subway - “Alatau” and “Theater n.a. Auezov” stations are located next to LEGENDA.


According to Pavel Belovich, along Abaya Avenue, at the corner of Manasa Street, it is not just a residential complex with unique components of comfortable living being built, it is a new way of , which everyone has waited for so long. And now it is here!


             Senior Architector of Project, Aleksey Ivzhenko

Atypical, completely non-Almaty architecture in ultra-modern style is organically intertwined in the historical architectural fabric of the city and, at the same time, it includes the most advanced achievements. The whole system of buildings with different styles gives rise to a memorable and stylish image of the modern quarter. Traditional solutions implemented in monomaterial, mixing of different textures, ultramodern geometric volumes and stained glass inserts - it all works together and makes the architecture extremely beautiful and organic.

“The landscaping will be also made in a special way, - continues Pavel Belovich and gives some impressive data - there will be 900 meters of just bicycle paths! This means that any resident of LEGENDA Special Quarter can take a bicycle and travel almost a kilometer along the interior territory, without crossing with cars and not disturbing anyone.”

The interior territory is turned into a magnificent park - a cultural and creative place with a huge number of opportunities for development, relaxation and entertainment. Stylish landscape design, endless fountains and ponds, original sculptures and relax-modules, walking paths, jogging and biking paths, mother-path, sports and playgrounds - this is only a small part of what is created on the territory of the residential complex. “We want fashionable and stylish people to live here, and therefore we create a fashionable and stylish quarter for them,” - says Pavel Belovich.

The authors of the project provided two kindergartens and a fitness center with modern exercise equipment, hall for yoga and art dancing to create an exceptional comfort for the residents. There will be no difficulties with parking. The underground parking and guest parking provide convenient places for the cars, motorcycles and bicycles.


Pavel Belovich noted that the event in such an unusual, but fascinating format - at the site of construction of the future residential complex, in a foundation pit! - is conducted for the first time.

Guests combined business with pleasure: enjoyed live-performance of Gaukhar Satarov and Galimzhan Moldanazara, ride the Company’s hot-air balloon, as well as got advice on planning, infrastructure and costs of apartments in LEGENDA Special Quarter. Everything to ensure that the future residents are imbued with the idea, from the first hands they learned and experienced the atmosphere in which the concept of Special Quarter was created.


After the original presentation and detailed acquaintance with the project comes a confidence that LEGENDA Special Quarter of BAZIS-A, in fact, is not just a residential complex, but a brand new architectural and spatial solution for the new image in Almaty.

It’s time for you to get acquainted with LEGENDA and the comfortable life filled with bright events, which is possible only in this special quarter.