November 21, 2017

The Kazakhstan citizens’ choice

The prestigious festival-competition “Person of year 2017 - Choice of year 2017” was held in Almaty city. The 18-th annual awarding ceremony of the winners took place in the Kazakh State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater named after Abay. 26 companies became winners in different categories in 2017.

“BAZIS” Construction Company, the member of the “BAZIS-A” Group, according to the results of the popular vote got the award “Construction Company No. 1” for the fourteenth time.

The status of the leader is corroborated not only by the winning in the national prestigious project, “BAZIS” Construction Company realizes a variety of large-scale, socially-important projects and residential complexes every year.

Kazakhstan citizens have trust in “Construction Company No. 1” and appreciate the high quality of construction, the unique architecture, the unique infrastructure and the lifestyle that “BAZIS-A” offers.

“BAZIS” Construction Company expresses gratitude to Kazakhstan citizens for their support and will continue to justify the trust next year!