February 20, 2018

The House for a Friendly Family

A picture is worth a thousand words! Having visited “MOSKVA” Shopping and Entertainment Center in Almaty city, you will be able to get acquainted closer with the project of family quarter “Aquarel” and evaluate large scale, architecture and peculiarities of the residential complex on the example of the demonstration model located on the ground floor of the trading centre.

Your family has increased twice, the children are growing? It means that it’s time to expand! When searching a new flat it is important to take into consideration many criteria, family quarter “Aquarel” perfectly corresponds to them. Consider yourself.

Family quarter “Aquarel” is located in the district of Almaty that is comfortable for life, above Satpayev Sreet, in Tlendiyev Street. This district is one of the most prospective and comfortable taking into consideration the transport availability and closeness of metro line stations “Sairan” and “Moskva”.

Family quarter “Aquarel” literally adjoins to “ADK” Shopping and Entertainment Center. Thanks to this neigbourhood you obtain bright leisure time and diversified shopping automatically. Within walking distance there are schools and kinder gardens, medical centers. State Academic Russian Theatre for Children and Youth named after Natalya Sats is rather close.

Thanks to the fact that “Aquarel” is separated from noisy Satpayev Street by “ADK” Shopping and Entertainment Center, it is always quiet and calm in the closed cosy courtyard of the family quarter. Beautiful landscape design, children’s playgrounds and sportsgrounds let you cloister yourself with a book, make a real picnic with your family and do sports without leaving the yard.

In the territory of the family quarter there are located two own kinder gardens. Tha parents loosing lots of time for morning car jams to deliver children to the kinder garden in the other district of the city will appraise the advantage.

The house for the family shall be not only a tower. Principally important are such criteria as high quality of construction materials, increased seismic resistance and comfortable layouts. All these catergories have found their realization in family quarter “Aquarel”. Finally, the house must be very warm. In “Aquarel” you will not get cold during cold winter, as the modern heating system provides uniform heating of the whole flat.

Today you can purchase a flat in family quarter “Aquarel” on profitable conditions foreseeing flexible variants of deffered payments: 30/70, 50/50, 70/30 or get a discount at 100% payment in the amount of 4%!

Visualise your dreams, you should definitely visit the presentation site of family quarter “Aquarel” from BAZIS-A and come to our real estate sale centers to buy a new flat