December 13, 2016

Temple of Art built by Bazis-A

Last weekend, in the presence of the President of Republic Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, a grand opening of new Astana Ballet Theatre, built by Bazis Construction Company, part of BAZIS-A Group of Companies, took place.

The performance of Brazilian Choreographer Ricardo Amarante opened the first season of the new capital Astana Ballet Theatre, built in Astana by BAZIS Construction Company. The one act “Diversity Ballet”, and the best plays from the theatre group’s repertoire were presented for an encore and brought the vivid emotions to the spectators visited the theatre on opening day.

“Bravo! The performance was wonderful! The orchestra and musicians deserve the compliments as well. Everything was just amazing! Modern theatre hall is equipped with good lighting and visual equipment. We hope that famous musicals of the world will come with tours and we will also present the wonderful performances with our actors. The large territory is surrounding the theatre. There are benches and spruces planted. I think in the summer young couples, families and guests of the city will spend a nice time here. The tenants of nearest houses will also frequent visitors. I have positive impressions about the new theatre. One more sightseeing, one more place where you can invite friends and relatives has appeared in Astana” - one of the first spectators of Astana Ballet Theater, blogger Yerlan Sakenov, shares his impressions.

Astana Ballet Theatre crowns the grandiose complex of Kazakh Academy of Choreography - the first University in Central Asia with a full cycle of multi-stage dance education. There are not more than ten such institutions in the world. The construction of this incredible buildings was completed in record terms - just over a year and a half. The architectural ensemble brought together under its arches the education, ballet, residential buildings and theatre.

The main entrance of the Theatre is located in the Southern part of the architectural ensemble and directed to Expo 2017. The facade is made of travertine with decorative elements, stylised with national designs. The beautiful colonnade of white natural stone along the perimeter gives the impression of lightness to the building. In the evening, the entire building is illuminated with architectural illumination that gives a special elegance graceful to the columns surrounding the Theater.

In this architectural ensemble, the classic harmoniously coexists with high-tech elements, which gives the building elegance and modernity. The surrounding territory is carefully designed in every detail: energy efficient lighting, landscaping in the special designer's style, modern, convenient parking.

The building of the new Theater is one of the most technically advanced and universal cultural facilities in Kazakhstan, constructed thanks to the professionalism of the builders and designers of BAZIS-A Group of Companies.

The auditorium is constructed according to the classic tiered scheme with 800 seats. Luxury chandeliers, comfortable chairs, wall decoration with elegant stucco ornaments boggle the imagination with elegant luxury.

   "In New Astana Ballet Theatre, as in any other theatre, the most important place is the stage. So, when we first went to the theatre, I was waiting for the time to try myself at a new stage. For us, the artists, it is a special place, almost sacred. When you step on the scene and go out to the audience, you find yourself in a completely different world. Despite the decent area, the stage is well designed. It is very convenient to dance there. Moreover, the stage is equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment. There is a special place for the ballet bar and mirrors behind the stage. It seems to be little things, but it is very important for an artist - to help tune in for the show and not to think about anything else except the upcoming performance. I would like to emphasise the high-quality of the acoustic system. The orchestra and piano sound amazing on this stage. I remember at the first performance with the audience. I was opening the show and from the first moment felt how music enveloped the air around me. It was a very exciting moment, which I would remember for a lifetime. Therefore, we already love this new stage,” - the soloist of Astana Ballet Theater, Dilara Shomayeva, shared her impressions.

Stage of Ballet Theatre is equipped with mobile lifting devices for a momentary change of decorations and modification of flat stage into a three-tier stage, orchestra pits, video projection and lighting equipment of world recognised manufacturers. The technical parameters and performance capabilities of the stage (area 536 m2) allow performing the world-class theatre projects of any complexity. Ballet and opera performances, symphonic and pop concerts, contemporary shows and musicals are a real delight for discerning spectators.

 “This Theater is a part of the Kazakh National Academy of Choreography. The main building and academic buildings were put in commission at the academic of the school year. The theatre building is undergoing commissioning process now. This universal theatre building will serve the entire choreographic art of Kazakhstan. It is suitable for performances of ballet and theatre troops, drama troop. The musicals can also be staged here. The full range of theatre art will be presented here. The construction of the Theater was ensured by the huge amount of work performed by BAZIS Construction Company. We are grateful to the workers and builders BAZIS Construction Company for such a gift” - said the Director of Astana Ballet Theater Valeriy Kuzembayev.

 The design of theatre building provides everything necessary for its workers, as well as for spectators. Every detail was considered in the development of rehearsal rooms, bright dressing rooms, cosy costume rooms for comfort and inspiration of artists.

“Theater has 6 floors. There are two large rehearsal halls, each of 400 square meters, a complex of premises required for the work of artists - make-up rooms, equipped with everything necessary, special wardrobes, rooms for decorations and much more”, - explained the Director of BAZIS Construction Company, Talgat Zhanseitov.

Definitely, Astana Ballet Theater is among the best world ballet stages. We can truly say that it will become the centre of attraction on the map of cultural sites of Astana and the whole complex of the Kazakh National Academy of Choreography, built by

Bazis Construction Company, will bring the art of the Kazakh classical dance to the world level.