April 12, 2017

Special quarter will appear in Almaty

Have you ever wondered where is the geographical centre of Almaty? Take a simple student’s ruler and a map of the city, and you can easily find this place. It is the intersection of Abai Avenue and Manasa Street. Next to the geographical centre, there are the most favourite for every citizen of Almaty and legendary places - the Circus, Palace of Sports n.a. Baluan Sholak, Drama Theatre n.a. Auezov, Palace of Marriages, Fantasy World Park, Embankment and, of course, the famous crossing of streets “mother-in-law’s tongue”!

It is here, in this geographical and legendary centre of Almaty, BAZIS-A Corporation has started the construction of a new incredible project - LEGENDA Special Quarter.

The architecture of LEGENDA Special Quarter is organically woven into the historic architectural fabric of the city, and at the same time, it focuses on the most advanced achievements. Even through LEGENDA is a new quarter, it does not feel like a “new home”. It seems that the quarter was born in the process of a natural blending of styles and trends for decades.

Traditional solutions implemented in monomaterial, modern trends of mixing of different textures, ultramodern geometric volumes and stained glass inserts it all works together and makes the architecture extremely beautiful and organic.

Natural stone, decorative brick, an abundance of glass give an aesthetic and original appearance to the buildings.

Another important point in the concept of Legenda Special Quarter is the general volumetric-spatial solution. In the centre of complex, there is a stunning park having a huge number of functions and allowing residents of Legenda Special Quarter enjoy life not only in their apartments but also outside them. Stylish landscape design, boundless fountains, original sculptures, walking alleys, running and bicycle paths, sports and playgrounds - this is only a small part of the magnificence that is created for you in the territory of Legenda Special Quarter.

Exclusive comfort is a distinctive feature of Legenda Special Quarter, and to make it as complete as possible, BAZIS-A Corporation will construct a large fitness centre and kindergarten here.

How to create a house that wins hearts at first sight?

For 25 years, BAZIS-A Corporation has successfully answered this question, designing and constructing buildings with all conditions for living in a metropolis.

This is achieved thanks to a combination of Western standards and construction technologies, non-trivial architectural solutions and author's approach to design. All this together creates a feeling of general harmony and comfort in every building constructed by BAZIS-A Corporation.

Today, BAZIS-A Corporation represents Legenda Special Quarter - an architectural project that will give its residents a comfortable life full of bright events!