February 10, 2017

Royal Gardens is our answer to Courchevel

Luxury mountain ski resort of Courchevel is known all over the world as a favorite holiday destination for celebrities and media personalities. Why the French Alps are so attractive for them?

Some people like alpine mountains and cliffs. Others start out for Courchevel to swim and sunbathe, as many hotels have specially built pools and terraces on their territory. In addition, there is everything necessary for those who wish to ride a mountain bike. And, of course, local cuisine which thanks to the fresh air and outdoor activities seems twice tastier than it actually is.

However, the format of the new residential complex Royal Gardens from the BAZIS-A Corporation can give a head start to any Courchevel!

The location of houses with the terraced apartments on the Trans-Ili Alatau mountainous plateau surrounded by snow-capped peaks and picturesque meadows allows to the residents of the complex to enjoy the breathtaking views of every single moment.

The Royal Gardens has carefully thought out every detail of daily life. Why should one fly to Courchevel, if the Royal Gardens has a luxurious SPA-area in the open air with a heated swimming pool and Jacuzzi in its territory. Furthermore, the Alpine nature is considerably inferior to the magnificence of the Trans-Ili Alatau which mountain trails and stiff slopes start literally at the threshold of the complex. Mountaineering, trekking, hiking skiing, horseback riding, winter snowball fights are guaranteed! Special space for storage of mountain bikes and equipment is provided in the underground parking; there is more than sufficient space for skiing there, too. There is an excellent roller rink and athletic fields for teenagers, and a huge modern playground set on a safe surface is for the kids.

Spacious terraces surrounding each house invite to rest the whole family. On a special barbecue area, you can cook barbecue which is unmatched with any cuisine in the world, because you put a secret ingredient – your soul – to it while its preparation.

More than 1,500 trees and many shrubs – an insurance of clean air, cool summer and bird trills – are planted on the territory of the Royal Gardens. Due to organic materials and soft natural tones of the facades the three-storey houses are blended into a lushness of nature becoming a part of the landscape.

There is no paradise on the Earth, but there are heavenly places on it. Royal Gardens is one of them; and even a few months in Courchevel cannot be compared with the resort life!