March 10, 2017

Remizovka Private Residences: replace stress with pleasure!

Megapolis fascinates and charms us, promising a lot of opportunities. Active and ambitious people flock to Almaty from all over the country in the hope of achieving success, build a meteorous career and fully enjoy their lives. This works for many people. But there is another finale known, when yesterday an active inhabitant of a metropolis devastated by the constant lack of time chooses the life of a hermit, far from the city, but in harmony with itself.

In Remizovka Private Residences built by BAZIS-A Corporation, you do not have to choose between a successful career or a harmonious life! As this is the urban format of life surrounded by nature, just 5 minutes from Al-Farabi. EcoStyle that acquired worldwide popularity, designed to “save” the inhabitants of metropolises from the stress caused by the accelerated rhythm of life, is the basis of the project.

Modern residential buildings of Remizovka Private Residences are ideally inscribed in the surrounding nature. Soft shades of facades, simple lines and forms contribute to appeasement.

The landscape of Remizovka Private Residences recalls the most respectable area of Montreal - Westmount, but even it is not so good!

Water ground with unlimited fountains, full-height chess in the form of heroes of the Kazakh epos, roller coaster on natural terrain, convex platforms, built-in trampolines, hobbit's house - no, this is not an advertising of the “Fantasy World” park. This is the bright everyday life of children in Remizovka Private Residences. Convenient hammocks, creative gazebos, an open amphitheatre and endless landscape park, are designed for the family leisure.

Sport is trend of modern life. Residents of “Remizovka” residential complex do not need to spend extra effort to be in trend. A wide choice of modern fitness equipment and indoor swimming pool are available in own fitness studio.

Surrounded by prestigious clubs and centres, Remizovka Private Residences provides an environment for the intensive, but not tedious life. EsentaiMall Shopping Center, Sports Club VilvetSportVilla, Holliday Resort A-Club or Villa dei Fiori Country Clubs provide various options for an entertaining and useful time. Haileybury School Almaty will form a solid foundation for its students’ successful future.

Life in a metropolis can be bright and easy if you replace the stress hormone with joy and pleasure hormones.

Remizovka Private Residences is a reliable source of joy and pleasure hormones.