March 17, 2017

Move in and live!

When you buy a flat in a new building, the question that has to be answered is what finishing is to be chosen: fine finish or shell and core fit-out. Objective choice is possible with the full information on each variant.

What are advantages of shell and core fit-out? Firstly, flats with shell and core fit-out are much cheaper; although, forthcoming repair will cancel out the price difference. Secondly, you may choose finishing materials and ceramic bathroom fittings in your sole discretion. Thirdly, you may demonstrate your designer abilities. But there is a big disadvantage: turning out the “shell and core” into a cozy home requires search of the professional and conscientious working team. Let's face it – it is the tremendous challenge. Moreover, the whole repair process shall be under your permanent control.

“BAZIS-A” offers the fine finish to the buyers who have no time to be up to speed on tile applying, wall furring and other construction “things”. Besides, finish made by the building owner is cheaper than shell and core fit-out plus repair, since the building owner purchases the construction and finishing materials at whole-sale prices, while You have to buy them at retail.

The buyers have been before afraid that quality of materials and performed works may differ from the declared ones. However, the building owners have accommodated this issue.

Thus, “BAZIS -A” Corporation presents the demonstration flats in the “Almaly” housing estate, where you can see the final variant of fine finish. You have not to buy “a pig in a poke”, but have the chance to see and even to touch. Design in light colors, practical materials, components and ceramic bathroom fittings from the famous manufacturers provide the universal solution that strikes fancy of many persons; and to attach individuality to your house is an interesting and can-do objective.

Flats with fine finish from “BAZIS-A” Corporation is a great opportunity to avoid exhausting repair and an ideal variant for the people knowing the value of time and wanting to move in the new flat upon obtaining of the keys.