June 2, 2017

Main attribute of successful life

There are such acquisitions that a person does very rarely, often only once in a lifetime, such as buying real estate.

When choosing real estate, you should pay attention to such criteria as price, reliability of the developer, location, surroundings, quality of construction and comfort level offered. The combination of these components, and not separately each of them, allows purchasing exactly the apartment that will become your favorite home for many years.

One of the largest developers of Kazakhstan - BAZIS-A Corporation - started construction of new Aquarelle Residential Quarter in Almaty, which fully meets the strictest criteria for housing selection.

You be the judge.

Aquarelle Residential Quarter is built in a comfortable area of Almaty, upper from Satpayeva Street, between Turkebayeva Street and Tlendiyeva Street. Thanks to the excellent transport accessibility, the residents of a new residential quarter can easily and quickly reach any part of the city.

Aquarelle Residential Quarter is adjacent to ADK Shopping Mall. The walking terrenkur along the river with a cozy park on the waterfront is located in two minutes from Aquarelle Residential Quarter. Young Spectators' Theatre n.a. N. Sats - a cult place for avid theatergoers and a great opportunity to introduce children to art - is located in ten minutes from Aquarelle Residential Quarter. There are several good schools, various educational courses, centers of early development and creative studios next to Aquarelle.

The inner territory of Aquarelle Residential Quarter is closed from strangers and turned into a wonderful park with landscape design, walking alleys and cozy places for relaxation. There are modern street fitness machines, sports and playgrounds. Everyone will find what to do here.

You can admire the beautiful view of the Trans-Ili Alatau mountains from the windows of Aquarelle Residential Quarter!

The important advantage of Aquarelle Residential Quarter is two kindergartens located on its territory. Your children will spend time next to your house and under reliable supervision.

The modern and elegant architecture of each of the 12-storey buildings of Aquarelle Residential Quarter hides a solid monolithic structure. The buildings are designed for a 9-point seismic load. Durable ecological building materials with high thermal insulation properties are used for the facade finishing of buildings.

The unprecedented comfort of living in Aquarelle Residential Quarter is created thanks to the local utility service. Here are guest car parking places, underground parking and storerooms for personal belongings.

All nuances are taken into account to create a thoughtful and cozy interior, when developing planning solutions for apartments. Make the right choice from 1-, 2-, 3- or 4-room apartments from 39 m2 to 102 m2 and enjoy a wonderful life!