May 10, 2017

Live on the blessed land!

We pass traditions from generation to generation, they are laid in the basis of our worldview. We can not exclude them from daily life and imagine the world order without them. Traditions lie in the essence of human relationships and development from usual everyday and common, spiritual and national to events "concerning", family, friendly and corporate.

It is understood in "BAZIS-A" Corporation that nothing is more important than traditions and following of them. For example, each new project is necessarily accompanied by getting of spiritual blessing and consecration of the building site.

Grandiose event of consecration of land where a new residential district "Nurly Dala" is being built was held last weekend. Imam of Tole bi mosque Kuanysh Abishev performed the consecration ceremony, blessed the construction and told the builders parting words so that they would perform their work qualitatively and on time, with a pure heart and heartfelt.

Residential district "Nurly Dala" is being built along the Raiymbek Avenue, in front of the Aport Mall and it amazes by its size. 73 houses will be built on the territory of 25 hectares and 5000 families will become new settlers within five years!

It provides for everything that makes life comfortable and full of events: two kindergartens, school and stadium, children's camps with swings and slides, sports area with fitness complexes and sites for active sports, walking paths and places for relax, large and convenient parking. are the Shopping mall and "Altyn Orda" market are located to the services of residents in walking distance. Appearance of metro station, road junctions and access roads from south side of Abay Avenue and Tole bi Street will unload the area from traffic. It become even easier and faster to get home for the residents of "Nurly Dala".

Due to the stylistics of houses, "Nurly Dala" residential district will become a bright accent in Almaty architecture. Nine-storey houses with colorful, textured, unlike facades form cozy closed yards.

The planning takes into account all features and needs of living of large and friendly families, young couples, students - 1-, 2-, 3-roomed apartments are presented from 27.7 m2 to 59 m2 in rough and final finishes.

Cost of apartments is also attractive – from 6 million tenge!

"Nurly Dala" is based on modern technology which allows to build reliable houses in areas with high seismic. This means that the first residents of "Nurly Dala" will celebrate the housewarming already at the beginning of the next year and thanks to following of traditions will live on consecrated land and happiness and well-being will accompany each family.

Live in "Nurly Dala" on blessed land!