January 26, 2018

Floor-to-ceiling windows is a unique ELEMENT

Who does not dream about a breathtaking view from the window of own apartment, about rooms filled with daylight and the sense of space that is created with maximum lighting? These dreams are ideally fulfilled in “ELEMENT” residential complex which is under construction from BAZIS-A.

The project of “ELEMENT” residential complex is a huge range of advantages to which one more is added now. Each apartment has two-meter windows starting with a level of 40 cm from the floor.

Due to this modern detail you can increase the room visually and embody the brightest interior designs by selecting bright wallpapers and light curtains. Residents will be able to enjoy space of the incredible view opening from the window.

The windows at its unprecedented size have increased noise insulation as well as the whole residential complex. Residents of “ELEMENT” residential complex will feel calm and comfortable at any time of day because they will be interfered with neither sounds from street nor voices of neighbors.

If you look for an apartment in a warm building which is built in the distance from a noisy roadway and next to entertainment center, “ELEMENT” residential complex is more than worthy of your close attention.