June 12, 2017

ELEMENT - Your right choice!

Bostandyk district of Almaty, especially its upper part, has always been considered one of the most environmentally friendly areas in the city. The vastness and variety of “green” areas and parks, proximity to the mountains and excellent wind rose, developed infrastructure and transport access make this area attractive for the living.

Following the interest of clients, BAZIS-A Corporation started construction of a new residential quarter - ELEMENT. It is being built below Al-Farabi Avenue and Mega Alma-Ata Shopping Mall, in a convenient distance from the busy traffic street of Rozybakiyeva, and, accordingly, far from the noise of cars and air contamination that hinder residents of houses located along the road.

Everything necessary for an active life is located nearby. In five minutes from ELEMENT, you can find entertainment for all tastes: fashionable Mega Alma-Ata Shopping Mall, Magnum Hypermarket, lots of sports clubs and educational institutions. Walking terrenkur on the waterfront of Big Almatinka River is located in 10 minutes walk from the residential quarter.

In addition to the location, there should be something more and better to interest the exacting buyer. All of this is provided on the territory of ELEMENT Residential Quarter. First of all, these are two kindergartens. BAZIS-A Company made sure that your children are always next to your house already at the design stage.

The fenced territory of ELEMENT Residential Quarter, with restricted access to strangers, is turned into a wonderful green park. There are several modern playgrounds installed on a safe surface, sports grounds for ball games and modern street fitness equipment for street workout. And as the final chord - a pond with a miniature bridge in the center of the park composition.

The construction of eight 12-storey buildings complies with the standards for the construction of residential buildings in regions with increased seismicity, such as Almaty. Buildings of ELEMENT Residential Quarter have a solid reinforced concrete structure, giving them the highest durability. The buildings are designed for a 9-point seismic load.

The modern elegant architecture of ELEMENT fits perfectly into the surrounding landscape, so the Residential Quarter occupies its rightful place in this prestigious area of the city.

At your choice - well-planned layouts of 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-room apartments from 37 m2 to 96 m2, underground and guest parking.

Traditionally, before the start of construction, BAZIS-A Corporation conducted an event for the consecration of the land where ELEMENT Residential Quarter is built. Now prosperity, wellbeing and happiness are ensured to the residents of ELEMENT.

ELEMENT Residential Quarter is your right choice!