December 20, 2016

"Diamond Sword" - a film about the formation of the Kazakh Khanate

With the financial support of the group of companies "Bazis-A" film studio "Kazakhfilm" filmed feature film "Diamond Sword" based on the novel Iliyas Yessenberlin "Almas Kylysh", talking about the formation of the Kazakh Khanate. The premiere screening of the film took place in Astana on 17 December and on December 16 in Almaty in the presence of Minister of Culture and Sport Arystanbek Muhamediuly and akim of Almaty Baurzhan Baibek. Film - "Kazakh Eli", consisting of 10 episodes will be released in the TV version in 2017.

Young people need to know the history of their country.

Premiere of the film "Diamond Sword" was held in Almaty, Palace of the Republic. The premiere was attended by the creative team who worked on the project, the Minister of Culture and Sport Arystanbek Muhamediuly, Almaty akim Bauyrzhan Baibek and many well-known people from the sphere of cinema and culture.

Arystanbek Muhamediuly congratulated the audience on the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan and noted that the 550-year anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate head of state, who initiated the creation of the epic "Diamond Sword", entrusted to remove a moving picture world to famous director RustemAbdrashev.

"The film was made with the support of the Chairman of Board Directors of the company “BAZIS” Alexander Yakubovich Belovich on the novel by Iliyas Yessenberlin" Diamond Sword ". Corporation "Bazis-A" has allocated more than 200 million tenge. We are very grateful for this support, "- said, in turn, Rustem Abdrashev.

The main film producer Arman Assenov thanked the audience for their attention to the picture. "Thank you for your coming to the view as the first spectators. This film version of the movie consists of 10 series, which we recorded on the establishment of Kazakh history ", - noted Assenov.

The main sponsor of the film - Chairman of the Board of "Holding Company" BAZIS" LLP Alexander Yakubovich Belovich - noted that such films are very important for Kazakhstan's society and especially for youth. "This is a film which shows how Janibek and Kerey combined cattlemen, farmers and leaders of the Kazakh Khanate. This is the story, as the Kazakh people fought for their land for many years, led by both external and internal wars. Here shows the history and traditions of Kazakh people. Certainly when we were asked to become sponsors of the film, we could not refuse such offer. For us it is a great happiness that we were able to participate in the creation of this film. This is not just a historical and patriotic movie, but also an educational film for all of us, especially for young people who need to know the history of the state ", - said Alexander Yakubovich.

How the events unfolded in the Great Steppe.

The film "Diamond Sword" tells the story of life of the nomadic tribes in the middle of XV century occupied the territory of modern Kazakhstan, and time of formation of Kazakh Khanate. After the collapse of the Golden Orda in the vast steppes formed several independent khanates, among this was AkOrda. Historically, power in AkOrda belonged to Orday Yezhen Dynasty, the eldest son of Dzhuchi and grandson of the great Chingiskhan. Sometime later, a descendant of the younger branch Shaibanidov Abulkhair, who always saw himself alone on the throne, seized the power by force and cruelty, treachery expanded the borders of his Khanate. The cruel ruler, internecine strife, violent seizure of power and treacherous expansion of borders of Kazakh Khanate usurp power by Abulkhair overflowed the cup of patience of the Kazakh people. Soon, two of the Sultan-Chingizid - legal heir to the throne Janibek and

Kerey - decided to secede from the Khanate Abulkhair and establish its own ulus. In 1460 several thousand of nomads united around sultans Zhanibek and Kerey to escape from the cruel ruler. Council of Elders of the Kazakh tribes supported the decision to migrate from Khan Abulkhair to Mogulistan borders. People removed from the amassed places and go forth. The local ruler Yessen-Bug agreed to provide the Kazakh tribes their land for resettlement. Instead the nomads promise to guard the border and not to allow the enemy to land Yessen-Bug. Nomads pass through a bloody battle, the ordeal, the bitterness of losses and happiness of victories. Soon he the head joined to Zhanibek and Kerey genus realizing the need for cohesion and the unity, choosing Kerey as a Khan.They raisedhim on a white rug and announced the creation of the Kazakh Khanate. Janibek Kerey promised to support him in everything and did everything in his power to nomadic people could live freely in their own land, and raise their children. Thus, in the Great Steppe there is a new ethnic group - Kazakhs - and a new state on the world map - the Kazakh Khanate.It is worth to notice the work of writer and director - the film shows all the facets of human qualities - courage and fearless warriors, defending the homeland, the power thirst, cunning and tyranny of rulers, true devotion and friendship, courage, men’s brave and Kazakh beauties, who, without a moment's hesitation, rushed to defend their land from the enemy. The bright point, showing how the word Batyr which was given of his dying mother may outweigh the opinion of the masses of people and save the life of a man who, even does not deserve ... Shooting of the film took place in Almaty and Almaty region - in areas where the natural landscape remains as close as possible to the realities of the times. It is worth to notice that the filmmakers carefully thought out every detail - from the area in which the events unfolded, ending with the details of costumes, accessories, make-up soundtrack and actors. The film was shot over five months to more than 30 sites. 500 people worked upon creation of this film.