December 16, 2016

Construction Company "Bazis" has completed the construction of the Monument of the 25th anniversary of Independence Day of Kazakhstan.

Construction company "Bazis", part of the group of companies "Bazis-A" has completed the monument construction, dedicated to the event landmark for the country - the 25th anniversary of Independence of Kazakhstan!

The 25th Monument anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, erected the construction company "BAZIS" - a new symbol of the prosperity of our country and one of the most striking architectural landmarks of Astana. 70-meter high monument, faced with snow-white marble, stands proudly next to the EXPO-2017, its 25 facets symbolize the 25 years of independence.

Construction company "Bazis", the same age as the independent Kazakhstan was honored to realize this symbolic project.

About 1500 square meters of Carrara marble have been used in the construction of the monument extracted in the Apuan Alps. This is one of the most valuable varieties of marble, known since ancient times. The frame construction is made of strong metal structures, at around 36 and 48 meters are special dampers, perceiving the strong wind load. It established a special monitoring system, which allows the clock to observe the behavior of the load-bearing structures.

Construction of the monument was completed in an incredibly short time for such a complex construction - in just 3 months - thanks to the skill and the "Bazis" of builders was executed scrupulously!