January 12, 2018

Buy apartment in BAZIS-A for bitcoins!

“Car is sold, payment in KZT, I will consider bitcoins, as well”, “Appartment is sold for bitcoins”. Such personal advertisements took as hype six months ago. The deals in “digital” currency have reached a new level and you can use bitcoins to pay for everything including payment for apartment from developer now.

BAZIS-A in partnership with SmartPay has implemented a mechanism whereby BAZIS-A customers can purchase real property for crypto currency since the beginning of the year.

The real property is a valuable and expensive asset therefore you will not be able to make a remote purchase that is why you need to visit the BAZIS-A sales office for conclusion of the contract. You need to complete the data (full name, contract number and amount of the contract in KZT) on web site bazis.kz in section “Buy apartment for bitcoins” (http://bazis.kz/BTC) and get calculation of your apartment cost in BTC and Bitcoin-address for transaction after conclusion of the contract. After that you make a payment by your crypto currency wallet within 5 minutes. You will become a full owner of the apartment in 7 days after transaction.

Do have still questions? Complete the application form in section “Buy apartment for bitcoins” (http://bazis.kz/BTC) and get personal manager’s consultation.