September 8, 2017

BAZIS Construction Company completes reconstruction of Astana square in Almaty

The "old" square in Almaty has literally changed. Today the city's favorite space is decorated in the best traditions of the world's megacities.

The project was completed ahead of schedule. In accordance with the project, BAZIS Construction Company has reconstructed the area. The number of lanes was reduced, bike paths were laid on the liberated space. On the renovated staircase esplanade there is an open amphitheater, before it there are two dry fountains with illumination at night. Lighting lamps in the classical style decorated the space, on the square author's small architectural forms appeared.

Within two months 230 builders worked at the facility. It was laid out 8 283 m2 of granite tiles, granite curbs - 8,246, 5 m / p, tactile tiles - 148 m2. Asphalted 4 980 m2. A new staircase made of granite with an area of ​​154 m2 was decorated with a new square. Special bollards separate pedestrians from traffic. Work was carried out on the reconstruction of the water pipe (400 m) and new road markings. And, finally, in the framework of the project, a large-scale copyrighted landscaping was carried out with lavender flower beds and lawn planting (4200 m2). And also the repair work of the old covering (17,500 m2), which now looks like new.

In the near future, landscaping will be complemented by the planting of lime and maple trees and alleys. By the Day of the City, the square "Astana" will delight Almaty citizens and guests of the southern capital with a new bright appearance.