January 15, 2018

BAZIS-A is in Telegram now too!

Become a user of Telegram messenger and get information about all BAZIS-A residential complexes in one minute. We has developed and put into operation a bot for your convenience.

The advantage of modern technology is that you do not need to go anywhere for obtaining of any data. Today it's enough to take a smartphone and use the search. BAZIS-A has suggested to its clients to use the services of a virtual assistant in order to improve of provided service. You can get information about location of all residential complexes of the company, information about cost and choose a suitable apartment, having familiarized yourself with layout of the apartment on the page https://telegram.me/BazisABot.

 This function is very convenient, because it saves a lot of time. As well as the opportunity to complete the application for personal consultation specifying their name and contact phone number is allowed to customers who use the bot service.

Connect BazisABot, choose your favorite apartment and come to sales offices of BAZIS-A for conclusion of the contract of purchase.