October 27, 2017

“BAZIS-A” is a trusted developer

Residential complexes of “BAZIS-A” Corporation has received permits and guarantees that ensure the safety of investments of share participants and completion of construction in a timely manner, that is why participants in shared construction can sleep calmly. “Almaly” residential area is one of the projects that has received permission, it is located in Alatau district of southern Capital opposite Ice Palace “Almaty Arena”. Future residents will appreciate convenient location and developed infrastructure of residential area as well as possibility of buying an apartment at affordable price in both rough and final finish.

Another project is residential complex “Remizovka Private Residences” is located in Bostandyk district of Almaty city which has implemented in concept of fashionable eco-style. Noble architecture, eco-friendly materials, personal community center, fitness club, SPA area with indoor pool and open-air entertainment center has surrounded by “Charbakh” gardens, all of this is for connoisseurs of a reasonable lifestyle.

Permission to raise funds of share participants was received for residential complexes “Barcelona” , “Millennium Park” and “Italian Quarter” in Astana city.

In addition, “BAZIS-A” Corporation became the first company which received guarantees from the Housing Guarantee Fund for special “LEGENDA” quarter in Almaty city and “Millennium Park” residential complex in Astana city. As a direct result of this, one hundred apartments in “Millennium Park” have already been sold in mortgages along the line of the House Construction Saving Bank and happy owners will celebrate housewarming in February 2018!

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