December 29, 2016

BAZIS-A: brightest moments of the anniversary year

The end of the year always signifies summarizing. It’s clear that 2016 will go down in the history of BAZIS-A Group as a significant year. When celebrating the 25-th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s independence, we also crossed the benchmark of our quarter-century. This anniversary year was successful and most record-breaking for the Company in terms of construction and commissioning of various facilities of incredible beauty and complexity.

In Astana, the Company completed the construction of Exhibition Complex EXPO-2017. The international and themed pavilions with a total area of 75 000 sq. m are ready for commissioning and transfer to the participating countries. Residential buildings were transferred to the participants of international exhibition and available for new tenants.

The Monument of 25th Anniversary of Independence stands proudly next to EXPO-2017. Stela of 70 m in height is faced with white marble, has 25 faces, symbolizing each year of modern history of independent Kazakhstan.

The Company put into operation the complex of buildings of the Kazakh National Academy of Choreography in Astana - the first University in Central Asia with a full cycle of multi-stage dance education. The Academy is a complex of fantastically beautiful buildings interconnected with bridges and galleries: ballet and academic buildings, hostel and theater.

We completed the construction of Astana Ballet Theatre. On 10th December, in the presence of the President of Republic Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, a grand opening of new Astana Ballet Theatre took place. The construction of this incredible buildings was completed in record terms - just over a year and a half. Astana Ballet Theatre crowns the grandiose complex of Kazakh Academy of Choreography.


In the past year, we put into operation all facilities of FEZ “Khorgos - Eastern Gates” - dry port, industrial and logistics areas with a total area of 700 hectares. This near-border site works in full mode: receives and forwards the cargoes from China to Russia and Western Europe. We continue the works at the near-border site: bank protection on the Khorgos River and punching of tractor and patrol road to Kazankol Lake.

Previously, in August 2016, the Company finished the construction of sewage treatment facilities in the territory of Khorgos International Centre of Boundary Cooperation. This sewage treatment plant is unique - a method of membrane sewage treatment is applied in our country for the first time. The BAZIS Construction Company was the first company that built sewage treatment plant of this scale and functionality in Kazakhstan. All systems operate automatically, the plant’s capacity is 7000 m3 of water a day. The water treated by membrane method can be used for household and agricultural purposes, while the residues left after processing can be applied as fertilizer.

August was also marked by the commissioning of the main sports facility of the forthcoming Universiade -Almaty Arena Ice Palace. This is grandiose, breath taking in its scale construction that consists of three blocks: universal ice arena at 12000 seats, training rink with sports and recreation center and administration building, which, in addition to the offices, includes modern conference facilities, fitness center and two swimming pools. The Ice Palace was built according to the standards and requirements of international sports organizations, such as FISU, IIHF and KHL. This complex is designed so that, if necessary, the ice cover can be quickly transformed into the play grounds and concert sites.

Almaty Arena is already known as the best concert venue in the city. Several major events - show “25 peaks of Almaty” on the City Day, the awarding ceremony “EMA-2016”, concert of Philip Kirkorov - proved it to be the best.

The traffic on the new three-level road interchange at the crossroad of Ryskulov Avenue and Saina Street was opened in Almaty by the beginning of the school year. This transport facility is unique in many respects. This is the first in Kazakhstan, three-level interchange, built according to the Western technology and standards. The facility was commissioned three months ahead of schedule in accordance with the request of the city authorities. Interchange is a complex of structures of a partial cloverleaf type with crossovers and overpass of 311 m height. This road junction with a capacity of 250 000 vehicles per day is designed to relieve the downtown from intensive traffic flows.


This year turned out to be very productive for the housing construction. We completed the construction of residential complexes, which are already known and loved by all, and started the construction of new ones.

In March, we launched the construction of a new residential area - Almaly - in the promising and developing Alatau district, opposite Almaty Arena Ice Place. In December, the tenants of two buildings of the first line already celebrated their housewarming.

We put into operation the second block of Symphony Residential Complex and completed the landscaping works in the park area along the embankment of the Bolshaya Almatinka River.

We completed the construction of unique residential complex-resort - Royal Gardens. With the implementation of this project, BAZIS became a founder of qualitatively new living culture - life at the resort! This is proofed by the Company’s victory in Kazakh festival-competition “Choice of the Year - 2016” in the category “Residential complex of premium category No. 1 in Kazakhstan”.

Having mastered the format and specificity of the eco-friendly real estate, BAZIS continues to develop this direction in Kazakhstan. In September, we announced the beginning of construction of a residential complex in Almaty - Remizovka Private Residences. The project demonstrates a new way of life - a combination of urban

comfort and life close to nature. Low-rise buildings with a single architectural line, terraces on the first floor, landscaped area with the use of energy-saving technologies, local community center and infrastructure for all occasions. The construction completion is scheduled for the 4th quarter of 2017.

At the same time, we started the construction of affordable residential area in Astana - AK-Didar. With this project, we continue the direction of perfect urban environment creation for the whole family. The completion of the 1st line AK-Didar Residential Complex is scheduled for the 4th quarter of 2017.

We continue the implementation of the legendary project - City Romance. In 2016, it was presented by three ambitious facilities in the best traditions of the European architecture. We continue the construction of residential complexes: Italian District, England and Barcelona.

We are at the final construction stage of a few blocks of the residential complex on the main square of the country - Millennium Park. As for today, we put into operation House of Omar Khayyam-2, prepared for commissioning of Shakespeare House-2 and started the construction of House of Da Vinci-2.

And, of course, the main event of the next year - EXPO-2017 - will influence the development of capital's real estate market a lot. The architects, inspired by this extraordinary event, were happy to develop the project. The residential complex for energetic and modern people - EXPO Plaza - is entirely consistent with the alleged subject of the Exhibition “Energy of Future”. This complex is built using "green" standards and energy-saving technologies. The completion of EXPO Plaza is scheduled for March 2017.

After the celebration of the 25th anniversary, Bazis-A Group does not stop in its development and continues to move forward!

The idea of creation and development of a new and unique concept of living in the residential complexes built by the Company will be kept in 2017 - Bazis-A Group begins the construction of large-scale new projects!

We are thankful to our friends and partners for their support, as well as to our clients - for their trust! Let the new year be filled with new unforgettable victories and bring us peace and harmony, warmth and comfort, happiness and prosperity!