December 27, 2016

BAZIS-A: Happy New Year, Happy New Home!

Last Saturday, the residents of the First Line of new ALMALY Residential District, built by BAZIS-A Corporation and located opposite Almaty Arena Ice Palace, had warm, family and fun house-warming celebration.

Cheerful, bright and warm family holiday with great music, national refreshments and traditional customs - “shashu” and cat that stepped over the front doorstep as the first resident of the new house - was very much appreciated by the new residents of ALMALY Residential District built by BAZIS-A Corporation. Getting acquainted with each other, people told how they became neighbours.

- I learned about Almaly Residential Complex from the advertisement and proposed my daughter to buy an apartment there. I like this district, the territory of Almaly Residential Complex is very well developed, the price is quite acceptable - said one of the new residents, Zlikha Uksumbayeva.

- I and my daughter purchased the apartment in Almaly Residential Complex, as we liked this district very much. The Ice Palace is located opposite to our house – said Sajora Hashimova. – “The only thing I regret about is that we’ve bought a one-room apartment. It seems to be too small for us. Now I’m looking for a 3-room apartment in the same building.”

Almaly Residential Complex quickly gained popularity in Almaty. Two famous Kazakhstani artists - Daniyar Tolbasov and Oktem Altayev - also became new residents of the Residential Complex. They also performed their popular compositions for their new neighbours.

- I am very glad that I’ve become acquainted with my neighbours. I hope that soon we will move to this house and have a house-warming celebration, – said Oktem Altayev. The singer explained his choice as follows: “Firstly, we know BAZIS-A as the most the responsible construction company in Kazakhstan. Secondly, we signed a contract in May, and in December, as it was promised, we already had an opportunity to move in our apartments.

New modern Almaly Residential Complex is built in the developing Alatauskiy District of Almaty at B. Momyshuly Street, to the North from Ryskulova Avenue, opposite Almaty Arena Ice Palace. Bright and beautiful house facades create a festive mood, spectacular views of the mountains can be seen through the windows, and the air is much cleaner here than in the city. Spacious courtyards of the residential area are ideal for children, the children's playground and street exercise machines are already installed there. Almaty Arena located across the street allow the whole family to stay in good shape.

- We were attracted by the fact that Almaly Residential Complex is located next to Ice Palace. We have two children, and for our son it is very important for health reasons to do skating or hockey. This is a new house with children's playground and attractive prices. We are very happy and satisfied with the apartment purchased in this complex. - said another resident of Almaly Residential Complex, Elmira Kulakova.


In addition to skating or hockey, children can do swimming, gymnastics, boxing, wrestling, and many other sports thanks to the close location of Ice Palace built by BAZIS Construction Company.

All new residents noted the very convenient location of Almaly Residential Complex. In addition to the well-developed transport infrastructure and possibility of easy transportation to any part of the city, a new mosque for 7000 people is being built next to the residential district. There are Magnum Cash&Cary, large shopping malls and Specialized Service Center for Almaty population at the walking distance from Almaly Residential Complex.

The kindergarten for 400 children is under construction at Almaly Residential Complex. The new school is located next to Almaly Residential Complex. The first floors of houses are designed for social, commercial and entertainment infrastructure facilities.

Apartments of Almaly Residential Complex are transferred to the customers in final and rough finishing on their request. The new residents note that total costs of apartments with final finishing are less than the customer self-repair “from scratch”.

Classical finishing with high-quality materials allows families to bring their furniture and celebrate the New Year in their apartments. While, those residents, who chose the apartments without finishing, will have pleasant chores with creating their interiors.

As of today, there are one-, two- or three-room apartments with areas of 34 m2 till 75 m2 in final and pre-final finishing at acceptable price of KZT 8,300,000.00 available in Almaly Residential Complex.

Almaly Residential Complex - a place where you want to live!