June 18, 2018

“Austrian Quarter”. Market launch of the first turn

“City Romance”, an ultrafashionable cocktail of European life in the Astana center, now has a new residential complex. Apartments of the first turn are on sale now.

“Austrian Quarter” is a part of iconic project “City Romance” in Astana located on the right bank of the Yessil River along the Shamshi Kaldayakov Street and surrounded by capital’s famous sights near the President’s Park.

With its green walkways, beautiful embankment and central city square nearby, “Austrian Quarter” can be compared with any European city in a variety of places for walking and leisure. Surrounded with museums, showrooms and concert venues, it provides vivid and interesting activities. “Haileybury School Astana” located nearby is a perfect start for your children and their way to get to world’s best universities.

“Austrian Quarter” is designed in a style, which combines modern tendencies and classical architectural traditions. Facades charm with combination of expressive shapes and noble materials. Spacious lobbies of exclusive design create an atmosphere of European elegance and individuality. Lobbies are designed with the use of natural wood and stone being decorated with stylish chandeliers and elegant furniture.

At nights, “Austrian Quarter” is lit up with illumination like festive Vienna. Vivid green and bright colors of flower gardens, soft lantern lights… It’s so pleasant to take a stroll down the park walkways in the evening realizing that your new world is comfortable and safe due to a multilevel security system. And during the day you can spend your time in comfortable isolated courtyards equipped for active leisure including modern playgrounds and WorkOut.

“Austrian Quarter” provides your imagination with full scope of planning solutions. Spacious rooms, kitchens with utility space, additional bathrooms, glassed balconies and wardrobes. This is your private space full of light and air with high ceilings, large windows and stained glass!

“Austrian Quarter” is more than just a house. It is a perfect world designed for you! For further details: http://austrian.bazis.kz/