November 29, 2017

Apartment of your dream in “ELEMENT” residential complex

The main element of stability is own apartment. To purchase apartment that satisfies the requirements of all members of family is not an easy task. “ELEMENT” residential complex constructed by “BAZIS-A” Corporation gives brilliant solution of this problem.

“ELEMENT” residential complex is built below Al-Farabi Avenue and “Mega Alma-Ata” Shopping and Entertainment Center. Those, who prefer to live in a comfortable environment, away from roadway and enjoy a variety of adjacent infrastructure, will certainly pay attention to it. Apartments of “ELEMENT” residential complex are the one of the most attractive offers from “BAZIS-A” Corporation today. Modern architecture, compact layouts, own kindergarten and respectable location are the main criteria for choice of an ideal apartment.

The construction of complex is carried out according to the established schedule and stated terms. Engineering works, inter-apartment arrangement of plumbing, sewerage, electricity, as well as an arrangement of covering have already begun.

Managers of Almaty sales department gladly demonstrate the model of “ELEMENT” residential complex and tell in detail about the mass of it advantages to visitors. And you can get acquainted with complex too! Perhaps, it is here where you will find an apartment of your dream.