April 23, 2018

“Almaty Marathon”. Unity of generations

The seventh international “Almaty Marathon” stirred up the South Capital with the energy of drive, excitement and universal unity. The marathon brought together 15,000 runners from 38 countries in this year.

“Bazis-A” actively participated in the major sports festival by tradition. More than 200 marathon runners of “BAZIS-A”, not only employees of the Company of all ages, but also their children are toe the start line in this year. Little runners kept up with the adults and overcome the children's distance one-by-one kilometer under screams and shouting of the fans.

Members of our team showed enviable persistence, courage and endurance. Supporting of a large team of fans of “Bazis-A” helped runners to overcome the distance. Having successfully finished on the Republic Square, they shared their impressions and emotions with the fans.

Marathon runners of “Bazis-A” received a powerful charge of vivacity and positive, and make their contribution to the implementation of the marathon charity purposes.